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The Fossil Study Rock and Living Fossil Trees

OKLAHOMA ROCKS! is a series of 16-page publications issued yearly and aimed at students in grades 7 through 12. This year, Oklahoma Rocks! concentrates on fossils, which are a readily available indicator of the very different environments Oklahoma has experienced through the years. Finding fossil shells and corals in the rock outcroppings around the state tells us that seas have covered Oklahoma for millions of years over the past several hundred million years.

Download the 2016 edition of OKLAHOMA ROCKS! Fossils Come Alive - Student Workbook (PDF), Lesson 1 (PDF), Lesson 2 (PDF), Lesson 3 (PDF), Lesson 4


Many Oklahoma Geological Survey documents are available for free download. Search by type of publication below or download the complete list of OGS publications (PDF) (XLSX). For hard copies, the OGS Publication Sales Office provides over-the-counter and mail-order purchases. In addition to its publications, the OGS maintains an extensive collection of open-file information mostly in the form of well records and unpublished reports and maps. The Publication Sales Office is also the contact point for OPIC-related activities.

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