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The Fossil Study Rock and Living Fossil Trees

Swiss Seismological Service Presents

Earthquake Games

Learn preventive measures through play!


Learn what causes earthquakes and see what scientists are predicting for the the coming quake.

Take on the challenge facing bridge designers and design a bridge that can withstand a Maximum Seismic Event—then test your bridge to see how it fares!(Requires Flash)

Blossm in Oklahoma Bridging Local Outreach

and Seismic Signal Monitoring

BLOSSM is a geoscience outreach program which is placing 100 seismographs, called Raspberry Shakes, into K-16 educational institutions, and public learning spaces such as museums and libraries. Our goal is to promote integrated curriculum opportunities through the use of this educational technology, while expanding our seismic network.

We are currently in the Regional Rollout (phase 2) of a Three-Phase Rollout Plan. During the Pilot, we deployed 10 units. During Phase 2, the Regional Rollout, we will deploy an additional 30 units. During Phase 3, the Statewide Rollout, we will deploy the remaining 60 units.

We will support participants in BLOSSM through mini-workshops to provide time for teachers to work with one another, and to have time with our seismic analysts and curriculum experts.

If you're interested in being part of the BLOSSM project, you can complete the short application form here: Please contact Molly Yunker with any questions!

Dr. Molly L. Yunker, Education & Outreach Coordintor OGS, explains to Sally Brasel the resources available to teachers and rock hounds. Contact point for Molly is [email protected], 405-325-7313. Also visit OGS web

site and face book.

Education Opportunities Scroll down to learn more about the following opportunities

Teacher Professional Development Workshops OGS can provide professional development experiences

We can customize a professional development experience for your group of K-12 teachers. Dr. Molly Yunker, the Education & Outreach Coordinator for the OGS has a Ph.D. in Science Education, and can host a workshop to help Earth Science teachers align content to the Oklahoma Academic Science Standards. We can develop an engaging and inquiry-based workshop experience, using various resources within our community. Please contact Molly Yunker for more information or to discuss your workshop needs.

Visit from a Geologist An OGS geologist can visit your classroom or school to meet with your students

The Oklahoma Geological Survey has many Geologists that can visit your classroom to chat with your students, or engage with students through a school-wide assembly! If you're covering an Earth Science topic, or you're interested in exposing students to careers in the geosciences, please contact Molly Yunker to setup a visit with one of our science staff.