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The Fossil Study Rock and Living Fossil Trees

Oklahoma Mesonet K-12 Teacher Resources

Topics covered in the workshop included:

Contact Information

For more information about the Workshops contact:

Andrea Melvin

The University of Oklahoma

Oklahoma Mesonet

120 David L. Boren Blvd., Suite 2900

Norman, OK 73072

Phone: 405-325-2652

Fax: 405-325-2550

Email: [email protected]

These materials are posted as part of the Mesonet K-12 website to allow teachers and students greater access to the materials. The materials were revised over the course of the workshops by using a series of evaluations, consisting of a pre-test and post-test at each workshop to assess learning. Topics that seemed the most difficult to grasp were revised. Among the outcomes was that longer presentations were shortened into more focused topics and more basic information concerning the structure of the atmosphere and weather patterns was added.

The workshops are geared for those who are seeking information about climate but have difficulty identifying specific needs, locating the information, or understanding the products. The topics are designed to provide a solid foundation with additional material supplemented to address more detailed topics, such as the impacts of climate on recreation. It is our intention to continue adding special topics over time; drought is the first of these.

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Education resources are distributed across many websites and program offices at NOAA and on NOAA partner websites. This portal is designed to help educators access these resources from one location. Materials selected for this site are organized by themes, collections, and content types that are aligned with common teaching topics and expressed needs of educators. Linked resources are organized into collections that provide the user with a toolkit of materials and activities suitable for integration into a variety of educational settings. Collections are not grade specific but resources are labeled where applicable. Additional NOAA resources that support educator professional development, academic scholarship, career exploration, and education grants are also available. All materials linked from this site are free for use and distribution unless expressly noted.


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US. National Weather

Service (NWS) ‹ Owlie Skywarn


Just for kids!

Have little ones at home? Teach them about the weather with Owlie Skywarn. Play a free, online game where you go on a severe weather preparedness adventure and earn a Young Meteorologists Certificate.

Contact Steve Piltz - 918-838-7838

Atmospheric Radiation Measurement

Just for kids!

Have little ones at home? Teach them about the weather with Owlie Skywarn. Play a free, online game where you go on a severe weather preparedness adventure and earn a Young Meteorologists Certificate.

Contact Steve Piltz - 918-838-7838

Tornado Preparedness Tips for School Administrators





Resources and activities designed to help students learn about climate and environmental science.

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Tools and information to help teach students about the climate, earth, and atmospheric sciences.

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The Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM)

Bell Ringers 

The Oklahoma Climatological Survey is home to all the weather data for the state dating back as far as 1895. The Oklahoma Mesonet has collected over 4 billion observations since 1994. Each individual datum collected is combined to create our extensive climate record.

How do we best make this large volume of data accessible and useable for classroom teachers? We know standardized tests and assessments are an integral component of classroom life. Interpreting graphs, tables, and maps are important life skills for every citizen. By presenting our huge archive of weather data through graphs, tables, and maps, we hope to provide teachers with a library of practice items we call Bellringers.

The library of Bellringers will grow as staff and partner teachers develop and submit new items to the collection. You can contribute to the Bellringers library by emailing [email protected] with the information included in the Bellringer Submission Guide.

We hope these Bellringers become one of your daily "go to" tools and a cool resource you share with every teacher you know.

NOAA’s Education Resources Page

Climate.Gov: Resources for teaching about Climate and energy

Jetstream: The National Weather Service’s Online School for Weather

Smithsonian’s Weather Lab: Experiment with different air masses and the type of weather they create.

The Clouds Outside My Window!

A picture book on clouds created by a National Weather Service Meteorologist with a template to make your own! 

Tornado Preparedness Tips for School Administrators

user facility develops public information materials to communicate ARM’s goals and scientific results to the general public. The following materials are available for your use. If these materials do not meet your needs, please contact the ARM Communications Team.