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The Fossil Study Rock and Living Fossil Trees

Web Locations for Educational Resource Sam Noble of Museum Natural History

[email protected]

D.W. Correll Museum

[email protected]

Geological Enterprise

Sam Noble Museum of Natural History

The Elsing Museum

Cimarron Hestitage Center

Oklahoma Geological Survey

Geoscience News & Information

Arizona Night Skies by Grant Curtis

 Natural Delights Rock Shop

 Minerals in a Region

U S and Canadian Fossil Sites

Colorado Springs Mineralogical Society

Museum of the Red River

Timberlake Rose Rock Mueseum

U.S. Geological Survey

 The Mineral & Gemstone Kingdom

Royal Tyrrell Museum

The Virtual Fossil Museum

The Oklahoma City Geological Foundation

Dino & More Meteorite, Minerals, Fossil Gallery

Black Hills Instituteof Geological Research

Science Kids

Fun Science & technology for kids

Left, Dr. Steve Westrop and

Right, Roger Burkhalter helps setup the video conference for the third graders at Greenwood Elementary. Tahlequah, OK

Video Conferences

Dr. Steve Westrop, Curator of Invertebrate Paleontology - Sam Noble Museum - [email protected]

Dr. Bryon Tapp, University of Tulsa, Associate Professor of Geosciences - [email protected]

Paula S. Partida

Paula S. Partida, Educator Resource Center Jet Propulsion Lab. [email protected]

Dr. Julie M. Chang Ph.D. Geologist IV - Okla. Geological Survey - [email protected]

Roger Burkhalter, Sam Noble Museum - [email protected]

Dr. Molly Yunker, Education Outreach Coordinator - Oklahoma Geological Survey - [email protected]

Dr. Nicholas Czaplewski, Curator Vertebrate Paleontology - Sam Noble Museum - [email protected]

Dr. Cameron Siler, Curator of Herpology - Sam Noble Museum - [email protected]

The above educators can help you with a video conferences. Darryl "Dusty" Rhoads and Sally Brasel will give a lecture to the students. The student will write the questions and a teacher forwards the question to the above educators. 

Association of Applied Paleontogical Sciences AAPS

University of Arkansas - Professor Van Brahana, Ph.D. Dept. of Geosciences

American Geological Institute

Science Museum of Oklahoma

Tulsa Geological Society

Fort Worth Museum of Natural History

Science Kids

Fun Science & technology for kids

Sam Noble Museum Of Natural History - Fossil Identification

Kyle E. Murray, OGS Hydrogeologist

Colorado School of Mines Geology Museum

Oklahoma Department of Mines

The Rock is more than Two Rocks for Study

Darryl "Dusty" Rhoads and Sally Brasel are the project managers of The Fossil Study Rock and Living Fossil Trees. Also see us on face book. By next year we hope to have video feed on the Monarch migration, Hummingbirds, hatching of the Martins and Blue Birds.

Paula S. Partida

JPL K-12 Education, Educator Resource Center

4800 Oak Grove Drive M/S 180-109

Pasadena, CA 91109


[email protected]

Paula can direct you in helping your students to a never forgetting experience. It would be nice knowing as a teacher you have a student to say; Make It So, Beam Me Up Scotty, Live Long and Proper, I'm Givin' Her All She Got, Captain!!!, and

"To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Ever Gone Before".